Choicely Startup Program 

Kickstart your business with a high quality mobile app today. No need to raise funding just to get your mobile app live.

  • Drag & drop app builder - No coding required 
  • Powerful apps ready for App Store & Google Play 
  • Trusted by global brands

Significant cost savings for startups with small annual turnover and team less than 10 people

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Choicely Startup Program

Build your high quality app without coding - with Choicely 

With the Choicely mobile studio everyone can create a mobile application. With our easy drag and drop studio, you don't need to know how to code but how to compose your ideas on a canvas. Our platform will take care the rest, all the way to publishing to App Store & Google Play at no extra cost.



Go to market fast, and impress your investors!

Investing in mobile solutions is costly. Developers must know how to code for both platforms, Apple and Android. That alone doubles costs.

Choicely studio reduces production costs and improve time to market. Plus? We support you all the way, from design to rollout. 

Mobile apps bring significant business benefits

  • Increase in sales
  • 400% increase in engagement through push messages & increased UX
  • Choicely enables building high quality mobile apps at a fraction of the time & cost
  • Build once, cover both App Store & Google Play
  • Maintenance and updates are included



Kickstart your mobile app at a fraction of the time & cost 

Trusted by leading brands in sport, media and entertainment



What our customers say

“We wanted to offer people a channel where you can find all we offer: news, events, official information and of course all the social media channels. This has everything the figure skating fan needs!”

“Choicely is a global leader in the development and deployment of Mobile Apps across the Sports and Entertainment industry. Providing additional value to our customers Choicely allows a customised Mobile App to be created easily and allow organisations to engage with their members fans and community at scale.”

“It is an honour to have secured a partnership with one of the leading IT companies in the world. The International Judo Federation always strives to improve and in the field of technology we know Choicely will provide the solutions we need to make a progressive step forward making more information readily available to our judo family, while creating an interactive online space we can share. This App will allow judoka around the world to follow competitions, analyze all judo statistics and stay up to date with IJF projects. We know we have made the right choice.”


Here’s all the good stuff

Reliable system

Huge traffic? We can handle it! We are serving millions of users per day with no interruptions, no down times and all around the world, enabled by our cms and Google Cloud


Choicely studio can integrate with legacy systems, major software as services covering all areas from CRM, management software and much more


Mobile apps made with Choicely can be published in App Store & Google Play at the same time, with no extra costs, with the touch of a button

Intuitive design

No need to know how to code only how to compose. Our visual editor allows anyone to create mobile apps by just drag and drop elements into the studio. Fast to market at low cost? Choose wisely, use Choicely.

How to build mobile apps without coding?

With the Choicely mobile studio everyone can create a mobile application within minutes. With our easy drag and drop visual studio, you don't need to know how to code but how to compose your ideas on a canvas. Our platform will take care the rest even publish it to Google Play and Apple store at no extra cost. We take pride in supporting our customers from design to rollout so get in contact now, your app could be ready to serve your business within hours.